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Prosperity Peeps

Feb 25, 2011

Tomyoy - Round Twelve

Lance Tomyoy (Police, Marry 6 Children), Aaliyah (Wealth, Earn 100K), Krystal (Knowledge, Max Skills), Shelly, & Thomas

Lance can't wait for his fourth child to be born!

The time soon arrives!

Cute little Mason was born!

Little too late for the bottle Aaliyah...  Wesley's grown up already!

Mason becomes a toddler.

Shelly becomes a teen. Knowledge, Entertainment.

Little Rex grows up.

Fun Teen Party!

Stella Boggs & Marcus Turner make out in the middle of the room.

Which inspires Shelly to kiss Emilio for the first time.

Rex gets into a fight with a stray cat. Bad Rex! Bad!

"We can't WAIT to go to your school. honest Mr. Headmaster," the girls chorus together.

"It's your fault we didn't get in!" Shelly screamed as she attacked Krystal.

Wesley plays with Rex.

Lance is fired from his job because of a stupid chance card.

Grandpa Sheldon scares Wesley almost to death!

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