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Feb 4, 2011

Turners (2) - Round Nine

Lamar Turner (Pleasure - 50 1st Dates)

"You know, you're always coming over, maybe we should give you & I a chance..." Lamar suggested.

After such a horrible date, his original matchmaker wouldn't come back. The new one set him up with a dud.

"Umm..  no offense... but I think she's a little old for me..."

"I said.... she's too old!"

"Look! I just gave you 3K & you've given me Linda Tan three times in a row! What kind of racket are you running here?!" Lamar was angry.

Lamar sighed.  "Not you again..."

She's still a little too old...

"Do you speak english? Or do you just hate me?  I need 50 first dates & I've already had like 7 dates with this chick!"

Oooo.. much more like it.  Too bad Ratna thought Lamar was boring.

Opal didn't care too much for him, either.

Oh for pity sake!

Really? Again?

"No, sir, I've cleaned your bathroom before. Not interested..."

Lamar attempted to date this matchmaker as well, but she was grumpy. She kept poking Lamar and then other party guests as well. Lamar sent them all home in disgust.  Worst party ever!

Lamar's coworker came home with him and Lamar had such a fun time. 

He was surprised when he leaned forward and kissed him goodbye.  Could the reason he was so picky be because he didn't really want a woman?

Lamar smiled as his coworker walked away, realizing that this could change his entire life!

And so Lamar began to meet the eligible men in town.

But he still ran into the same problems.

They just didn't capture his attention...
...Or he just wasn't attracted to them.

Lamar started to feel like he'd never meet that certain someone.

Man or woman - nobody seemed to be his soul mate, Lamar thought dejectedly.

Lamar finally convinced the maid to go on a date, but it was abruptly ended when his carpool arrived.  "Shoot! I totally forgot I work today..." Lamar said lamely.

"Ew.. no I don't want to go on a date with you," Lydia said.

"Aw man, I'm not even going to try," Lamar said as his date frowned at him. He was beginning to recognize THAT look.

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