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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Feb 19, 2011

Turners (3) - Round Eleven

Taye Turner (Popularity, Journalism), Carolina (Popularity, Police),

Carolina was demoted at work because of  a faulty chance card...

DeeDee invites Franklin Hsu over & struts her stuff.

Needless to say, he's impressed.

Taye maximizes his schmooze skills.

Kenneth becomes a toddler.

Taye reaches the top of the journalism career.  Next up - he's going into politics!

Marcus becomes a handsome teen. (Spitting image of his Dad!)

Bad gypsy lady! Drop off the magic lamp & go already. Taye is happily married!

Kenneth - you can't go to school yet...

Preston dropped off this DJ station after a great outing with Carolina.

Kenneth becomes a child & brings home Bethany Owens to play.

Emilio - did you just poke Monica?!

Don't worry - DeeDee will keep him occupied.

And Joshua...  Derrick... Do you want to be next?  "No thank you," Derrick says.
Taye surprises Carolina with an impromptu serenading. 

Umm... I don't think you should be touching the maid like that....

Happy Birthday!

Crepes Suzette - the perfect dessert for all those fancy meals. Sure to impress!

What's next for the happy couple?

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