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Feb 4, 2011

Turners (3) - Round Nine

Taye Turner (Popularity - Journalism), Carolina (Popularity - Police), DeeDee

Apparently DeeDee was way more entertaining than her mother or father at this get together.

Ah, that's why, Carolina passed out in the kitchen.

Welcome to the world little Marcus!

Carolina throws a big party for DeeDee.

Best birthday party ever!

"I said to let him sleep!" the Nanny threatened Bryan Pratt.  Scary Nanny!

"Don't sit close to me," DeeDee warned Reggie Pratt.  She didn't want his boy cooties!

Marcus becomes a cutie toddler

"Babies are boring," DeeDee pouted. "They don't DO anything!"

Taye attempts to paint a picture.  Sheila has started nagging about over-eating & cooking too many treats.  "You're starting to get a spare tire," she tells him.  "Come jogging with me..."

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