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Prosperity Peeps

Feb 25, 2011

Turners (3) - Round Twelve

Taye Turner (Popularity, Journalism/Politics), Carolina (Popularity, Police), DeeDee (Romance, Slacker), Marcus (Popularity, 20 BF), Kenneth

DeeDee brings home her coworker - Jeannie Hsu? Really? What about Gage? Geez!

It's Kenneth's birthday, so DeeDee invites all her friends over.

Plenty of girls for him to choose from!

Oh! It was DeeDee's birthday, too!  Happy birthday DeeDee! Why'd you change your hair?

Kenneth has a huge crush on Shelly Tomyoy.

Marcus teases Monica. He can't wait for them to be best friends.

Geoffrey Allbee had such a great outing with Taye that he dropped off this aqua fountain.  Not knowing what else to do with it, Taye put it in the backyard.

Carolina reaches the top of her career. yeah! She had to take off 4 work days to build up those 3 body skills!  I wonder what will be next for her!

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