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Feb 18, 2011

Turners - Round Eleven

Michael Turner (Popularity, Athletic), Jenna (Knowledge, Journalism), JaNeeNee (Popularity, Law), She-Ra & Titon

Sporting his new haircut & beard, Michael attempts to fix the computer. *biting fingernails because I didn't check his mechanical skill first* Phew! He did it!

JaNeeNee has a less than stellar get together with her coworker Alb.

Michael stretches before work.

Opal, however, was so impressed with JaNeeNee that she promised her a promotion the next time she went to work.

The family had a nice dinner together.

Feeling the urge to start a family, JaNeeNee called up the matchmaker. Niiiiice....

"Ummm... Carolina, you're kind of interrupting my date over here," JaNeeNee complained.

Bruce! She's on a date! Geez people! She's trying to woo her future husband & father of her children. Sorry Geoffrey - hope you're a family sim!

All in all, the date went extremely well!

Sadly, She-Ra's time came to an end.

JaNeeNee invited Geoffrey over for dinner the following night & proposed, "I know it's sudden, but I only have so many child-bearing years..."

They were married quickly & were quite adventurous & amorous.  "Not on the kitchen table, guys!" Carolina complained.

Little Tasha grew up to be a beautiful toddler.

And Carolina found out she was expecting again.

JaNeeNee loved playing the piano.

Michael taught Tasha how to talk.

Oh man! This could end poorly! Darn the influence to repair! I thought it was just the toilet. Put the screw driver down Carolina!

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