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Feb 4, 2011

Turners - Round Nine

Bruce Turner (Knowledge - Entertainment), Michael Turner (Popularity - Athletic), & JaNeeNee (Pleasure - Culinary)

Naomi's death hit JaNeeNee hard.  She started sneaking out.  One night, the police found her & brought her home.

Bruce threw himself into work & trying to max all his skills for that big promotion.
But he had a lingering cold that wrecked havoc on his ability to concentrate.
One night while working on his speech, he was visited by the Grim Reaper.
It was all too much for Romeo to bare.  He ran away from home.  JaNeeNee immediately called to report him missing & prayed he was found soon.
Michael cried every time he thought about losing his father.
Even reaching the top of the athletic position didn't make him happy.
He felt the burden of trying to step in to raise JaNeeNee the way Mom & Dad would've done.  He had to put a stop to her sneaking out & other destructive behavior.
But for as much as Michael worried about her, she was still an over-achiever.
One day Olivia Tomyoy came home with Michael. She was leagues above him in terms of skill. He was thrilled that she accepted his first kiss.
Shortly after, he was wooed by another woman.  (Amazingly, Olivia was in the room, but didn't freak out when this chickie walked over & started flirting with Michael.  Forward little hussy!)

Romeo came home & started sleeping on the bed, right next to Michael.

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