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Feb 11, 2011

Turners - Round Ten

Michael Turner (Popularity, Athletic) & JaNeeNee Turner (Pleasure, Culinary)

Michael & his coworker Renaud go for a jog together.

Dangit. Another Repo Man. (That's two this round for people counting!)

JaNeeNee is good friends with Gage Tomyoy.

Linda Tan. Again? Seriously?! Does she give you money or what?!

JaNeeNee goes a little wild without her parents around to keep her grounded.

Soon it's her birthday & big brother Michael throws her a party.

She grows up well & ready to start having fun.

Timothy Fuchs catches her attention across the room.

Jenna Young catches Michaels attention.

"Will you marry me?" he proposes.

It's a beautiful ceremony.

At some time during the ceremony, He-Man passed away and She-Ra was so distraught, she ran away, leaving Titon to fend for himself.  The Turners were so busy celebrating that they didn't even realize this until the next morning.

Thankfully She-Ra was found relatively quickly.
And Jenna soon found out she was expecting.  Jenna (Young) is a knowledge, journalism Sim.

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