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Feb 25, 2011

Turners - Round Twelve

Michael Turner (orange shirt) (Popularity, Athletic), Jenna (Knowledge Journalism), JaNeeNee (green pants) (Pleasure, Culinary), Geoffrey Allbee (Popularity, Law), Tasha (Michael's daughter)

Geoffrey was demoted after a freak chance card.

Little Jerome is born!

Feeling too crowded, JaNeeNee & Geoffrey move out.

No, Titon! Get away from that...


Jenna took it really hard that Titon got skunked...

Michael gets to know a stray dog. He'd been thinking lately about adopting a pet and he just didn't like cats! He wished JaNeeNee had taken Titon with her!

Tasha becomes a child.  Too precious!

She loves Titon!  No getting rid of the cat now, Dad!

Jerome becomes a precocious toddler.

Jenna goes on an outing with her coworker.  Maybe if she becomes friends, she'll get a promotion...

Jerome becomes a child! (Yes! Blue jammies!)

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