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Prosperity Peeps

Mar 4, 2011

Banks (2) - Round Thirteen

Preston Banks (Family, Have 6 Grandchildren), Kara (Knowledge, Dance), Cornelius, Ethel, & Andrew

Cornelius got an A+ report card.

Kara found herself pregnant again.  She started to get frustrated. How was she going to reach the top of the Dance field if she kept getting knocked up?!

The family enjoyed breakfast together as Kara sulked.

Little Andrew grew up.

I didn't see who built this - but someone has a mean streak...

Kara goes into labor.

Little Craig is born.

Ethel gets an A+ report card, too.

And Cornelius grows up.  (Knowledge, Adventure)

Kara plays red hands with her coworker, Ian Startor.

Preston lost his job as a super hero.

Kara has a breakdown as her family watches after changing a dirty diaper...

Little Andrew becomes a child,

While Craig becomes a little toddler.  (I LOVE that he has blonde hair!)


The family enjoys breakfast in their new kitchen.

Happy Birthday Ethel!

Obviously Andrew is jealous at all the attention she gets.
She looks stunning!
She's going to be a heart-breaker! (Popularity, 5 Top Businesses)

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