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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 28, 2011

Banks - Round 15

Charles Preston (Family - Golden Ann), Julie (Wealth, Intelligence), Virginia, & William

Charles attempted to make friends with his coworker, Amy Lee.  But, she couldn't stand him.

William becomes a toddler.

Julie made a wrong call at work and was demoted.

Eh. Penny for your thoughts Virginia!

Charles practices his mechanical skill...

Virginia loves playing with William.  She can't wait to teach him a nursery rhyme.

Charles just happened to be late the 3rd time & was immediately canned. (DANG IT!)

William grows up.

Charles thought he would hate being a stay at home dad, but he was actually enjoying himself.

"Aw, this is the life," he thought as he cuddled on the couch with Julie.  "I don't want things to change at all..."

Monday morning, the kids headed off to school.

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