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Prosperity Peeps

Mar 4, 2011

Banks - Round Thirteen

Henry Banks (Wealth, Criminal/Dance/Earn 100K), Margaret (Wealth, Athletic/Criminal/5 Top Businesses), Charles (Family, Golden Anniversary)

Charles grows attached to Catalina.

Apparently the medical field frowns on dressing up in costumes. Scares the patients...

Charles gets a bright, cherry red truck as a reward for getting a job.

Love it when the elders love each other!

Charles works out & is pleased with the results.

Soon it's time to grow up.

Julie Owens captures Charles attention.

Too bad Julie & Margaret get off on the right foot.

Charles has an interesting conversation with his coworker, Amy Lee.

Charles throws a party celebrating his promotion.

Edison returns home only to find that his time is up.

Realizing that life is short, Charles drops to one knee & proposes to Julie Owens.

She accepts and they celebrate.

They are married in an informal backyard party.  Julie joins the Banks family (Wealth, Intelligence)

They celebrate.

And celebrate a little more.

Julie is not surprised when her belly starts to expand....

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