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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 12, 2011

Benson - Round 14

Lianna (Romance, Culinary), Shane (Romance, Music), Lizzie
Lianna awoke the next morning to discover their tv, bookcase, couch & chess board had been stolen.   I guess that's what happens when so many guys wander through the house...
Lizzie grows up, in the red.  This is a very sad little girl...
Her first want is to make a wish on the lamp - so she wishes for peace of mind.  She's going to need that to live in this house!
Shane smooth talks Ericka.
Lianna entertains a friend.
Shane takes a turn.
Then Lianna.
Oh no, Lizzie walked in on the tail end.
Lianna stayed up to try to woo her husband, but he wasn't interested.
This is the THIRD time this ROUND! What is up with the nannies?!
That elderly lady on the left is Lianna. She picked a fugly outfit.
"Ugh, Lizzie's in my bed again." Lianna scowled.  Such maternal warmth.
That night, Kaitlyn came over...
"I had a big fight with Arianna & I don't want to live there anymore. Can I move in with you?" Kaitlyn begged.  (Yes, this did require a visit to the L&D tombstone, but it was time for this family to be reunited...)
And the two sisters meet for the first time and stare, unsure of each other.

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