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Mar 5, 2011

Benson - Round Thirteen

Lianna Benson (Romance, Cuilnary), Shane Benson (Romance, Music)
Uh oh! Who are we going to ditch this baby on?
Jobless & pregnant, Lianna makes up with Shane. "Really, baby, I was wrong. I love you. Let's find a way to make this work."
Shane called Hannah over to visit.  "I'm going to leave her as soon as the time is right," he assured her.  "There's no way I can still love her after what she & Korey pulled...."
Bad chance card pick at work gave Shane a demotion.
For good measure, Shane smooth talked Lianna again...
...all the way into bed.
"I'm still leaving her," Shane said, "I just can't leave right now. We're waiting for a paternity test. I have to do right by Lizzie, if she's mine..."
But, while Lianna slept, Shane & Hannah snuck away into the closet. Then, he kissed her goodbye and called Lianna into their double bed for some marital cuddling.
I'm not sure what happened here.  Hannah snuck into the house without permission (STALKER!) and somehow he managed to piss both girls off.  Here Lianna has a go at him.
Followed by Hannah.

Poor Hannah...
Lianna apologizes for slapping Shane.  "These hormones just make me so crazy, baby," she says.
Later that night, Shane kissed her in the kitchen and told her, "No one loves you like I love you."  Lianna just smiled and kissed him back.
Lianna goes into labor.  Shane freaks out.
Shane hires a maid to help keep all the bottles picked up.  Hey Shane.... her face is up a little. Quit staring at her chest!
Lianna feels great now that she's not pregnant again.  She's surprised to see Franklin walk by, but invites him in to chit chat.

...Which leads to...
Lianna is fired after coming in late for the third time. 
So she throws herself a pity party & invites some boys!
Meanwhile, little Lizzie grows up.

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