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Prosperity Peeps

Mar 11, 2011

Boggs - Round 14

Simon (Family, Raise 20 Pets/6 Grandchildren), Sadie (6 Grandchildren), Benjamin (Knowledge, Architecture), Emily (Popularity, Law)
Emily flirted with Samuel after school one night.
Benjamin reached the top of his teen career.
Simon and Sadie are so romantic.
Benjamin grows up. Cutie!
He invites Krystal Tomyoy over and proposes to her.
They're a 3 Bolt Love - they just can't be kept apart!
Thomas made the mistake of flirting with Marie in front of  Jeanie.  Sisters! Geez!
Benjamin is besotted with his new wife.
They even autonomously cuddle under the stars! How cute!

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  1. I like it that you put stuff about what your sims get up to on here I like readingit. Its a pitty ive only got sims2doubledeluxe and you cant get lots of clothes items or anh pets .ennoying


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