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Mar 4, 2011

Boggs - Round Thirteen

Simon Boggs (Family, Raise 20 Pets/6 Grandchildren), Sadie (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Stella (Popularity, Military), Benjamin, Emily

Benjamin grows up well. (Knowledge, Architecture)

Simon helps Emily with her homework,

While Stella works on her body skills.

Stella broke the computer trying to look up local jobs.

Hurt that her mother lectured her, Stella worked on fixing the computer.

Ah, Autonomous Elder Love!

Stella & Thomas Fairchild did not get along.

It's a good thing she had other friends.

Emily grows up (Popularity, Law)

Emilio Romano & Shelly Tomyoy get close & personal.

Simon reaches the top of the educational field.

Stella & Marcus share a rare love.

Simon retires so he can focus more of his energies on his children.
Emily fixes her hair & puts on make-up trying to figure out how to play up her beautiful eyes.

The teens enjoy a laid back lunch together.

Benajmin & Krystal Tomyoy share a 3 bolt love, as well.  I guess half-aliens are extremely loveable!

Sadie grows up. She does not look happy about it!

Emily starts practicing her flirting skills.

Stella reaches the top of the teen military field.

So Sadie decides it's time to call the headmaster & make sure her children receive the best education.

Edison pays Emily a visit.

Stella throws a party so that Emily & Benjamin can meet some friends their own age. (There were so many young kids, we decided to watch tv inside instead of having a snowfight. I don't need blue kids walking around...)

Julie hit a big want after she became best friends with Benjamin.

Stella grows up surrounded by family & friends.

Her friend Bethany Owens didn't wait long before making a move on Marcus. (Which is funny because they have no chemistry together...)

After a trip to the bathroom to fix her hair...

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