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Mar 12, 2011

Collins - Round 14

Hannah (Popularity, Journalism), Korey (Romance, Music), Dirk & Elizabeth
"I was wrong, baby, please let me come back. I miss you and the kids!"
"I'll do anything."
Korey is able to smooth talk his way back into Hannah's good graces... and the house.  He'd thought for sure Lianna would leave Shane for him, but when that didn't happen - he knew he needed to go back to Hannah.  He didn't want to be alone!

And the kids were great, too. They got so excited about the stupidest things!
"Careful Destiny, that's my husband!"  "I'm just admiring!" Destiny protested.
Hannah kisses Korey as he invites her upstairs. (It looks like Destiny was about to unleash some whoopass)
But, Hannah just wasn't able to go all the way.  She loved Korey, she just didn't trust him yet.  Korey just snorted & rolled over to go to sleep.
And woke up a short while later to smooth talk Destiny.  "You're her best friend, I don't want you to be mad at me all the time," he schmoozed.
Dang Nanny!  And Korey - you just left your wife to put out the fire?
Obviously things are going well now.
"Don't think you can smooth talk me into forgetting how you hurt my best friend!" Destiny yelled.
Little Elizabeth grows up.
And so does Dirk.  (Wealth, Criminal).  Handsome!
Finally Hannah is able to move past her fears and let Korey back into her bed!
The kids get together to play.
Elizabeth plays with Lee Allbee.
It becomes apparent that Hannah is pregnant again.
And Korey lost his job after performing a duet with a rival. (DANG IT!)
To make himself feel better, he invited a hot young blonde over.
But poor Elizabeth saw it all.  She ran to tell Hannah.
"I can't believe you DID this to me!"
"I was just giving her a flower, it was nothing.  Elizabeth is over-exaggerating." Korey smooth talked.   "Really? You promise?" Hannah asked, unsure.  "Promise, here!" Korey gave her a rose.
Hannah delivers baby #3 - little Scott.
While Korey sneaks away with Lydia.
Dirk thinks Gabriella is amazing & gets tongue-tied around her.
She doesn't get tongue-tied around Guy.
Hannah cuddles Scott all the while hoping that she didn't make a mistake letting Korey back into their lives.

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