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Mar 4, 2011

Collins - Round Thirteen

Korey (Romance, Music), Hannah (Popularity, Journalism), & Dirk

Dirk is a cute little boy.  Looks alot like his dad, I think.
Daddy definitely is a looker...

And a cheater...

Hannah is pregnant again.

Dirk grows up to be a child. What a cutie!

He finds the cutest dog, Echo & starts to play with him.  "Mom, can we keep him?" he asks.  "No, not right now," she tells him.

For a couple that couldn't keep their hands off each other early in their romance, they only have 1 bolt of  attraction for each other now.  Hannah can literally feel Korey slipping away, little by little.

She hopes after little Elizabeth is born, Korey will shape up.

And maybe he does...

That does not look like Hannah. That looks like Lianna (Nichols) Benson.  She & Korey has a 3 Bolt Love.

Hannah tucks Elizabeth into bed and marvels over what a cute little girl she is.

Korey invites the Bensons over for dinner, then calls everyone over for an announcement.  "I have something to tell everyone about Lianna..." he begins.

Then he breaks out into song and serenades Lianna in front of everyone.

Hannah slaps Korey and yells "How could you?!"

He just shrugs and says "I love her" as Shane slaps Lianna in the background.

Hanna storms after Korey as he walked into the other room and tells him to get out.  "If you love her so much - go live with her!"

Upstairs, Dirk wakes up and can feel that something awful happened.  He silently sobs.

"Shh... It's okay sweetie...  You still have me..." Hannah tries to console Dirk.

"If you cry, then I'm going to cry," Hannah says as she begins to sob.

Dirk looked up at his mother & realized that his mother needed him to help take care of her.  He hated to see her cry. 

Soon Elizabeth's birthday came, but she wasn't ready to grow up quite yet.

The next morning, bright & early she grew up to be a beautiful little toddler.

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