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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 12, 2011

Fairchild - Round 14

Stacy (Family, Golden Anniversary), Todd (Knowledge, Medicine), Thomas (Pleasure, Gamer), & Molly (Romance, Music)
Molly cheers the fight on.
Todd becomes an elder.
Arianna & Kenneth flirt outside right next to Stacy's passed out body. (I was wondering where she went! Her comfort was down to 0! I have no clue how long she stayed passed out on the cold concrete.  Way to wake her up... self-absorbed teens...)
Arianna caught Molly flirting with Nate.  "I'm the best Romance Sim," Arianna spat.  "Stay away from my guys..."
Arianna & Catalina fought over who go to talk to Thomas.
Molly made a move on Nate.
Todd reaches the medical top of career. Now he wants to Max 7 Skills.
The teens hang out.
Todd retires & gets cracking on maxing his skills.
Molly smooth talks Amin.
Playing video games...
Jerome thinks Molly is HOT!
I think that's Jesse Pratt she's making out with.
Thomas grows up!

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