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Mar 4, 2011

Fairchild - Round Thirteen

Stacy Fairchild (Family, Golden Anniversary), Todd (Knowledge, Medicine), Thomas (Pleasure, Gamer), & Molly

Thomas threw a party & invited all the cool kids.

Once dark fell, he stole a kiss from Jeanie Hsu.

Then proceeded to give her a noogie. Maybe we should've named you Casanova...

"Ew!" Marie Hsu complained, "You just peed on my boots!"  Talk about embarrassing Todd!  Get your nose out of the books!

Thomas attacks the tv...literally. I've never seen a Sim jab at it like that before...

Molly grows up & sheds her good girl image.  "Call me Indigo," she demanded. (Romance, Music)

Despite her goth appearance, she excelled at her schoolwork.  She was just a creative soul.

Molly invited Jerome Turner over & they hit it off immediately.

"Thanks for the compliment," she told him as she gave him a kiss.

Thomas couldn't decide who he liked more: Marie or Jeanie. 

And apparently he couldn't decide between the Hsu girls or Candice Turner.  Marie drops off a small vase after a dream date as Candice arrives for her hot date with Thomas.

Jerome drops off a potted palm.  Way to put that small vase to shame, Jerome!

Candice waits in the background for Thomas to finish his cake...

Molly.. err... Indigo... got a job in the adventure field.  "Let's see where this goes," she mused.

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