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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 12, 2011

Hsu (2) - Round 14

Franklin (Pleasure, Culinary), Monica (Pleasure, Culinary), & Mandy
I'm going to fire all the nannies! She's been crying for 3 hours! Are you going to come inside & help her?
Oh sure, PRETEND to work when the parents get home...
Franklin & Geoffrey hit it off.
Alan attempts to get to know Monica, but she's very interested in her cooking show.  "Quiet," she snaps.
The couple studies together.
And another on the way.
Franklin calls over some friends for some fun in the sun.
Mandy was disappointed with the party - there weren't any kids her age there!
So she just danced alone.
Baby time!
Introducing little Sammy, baby girl.
Monica becomes pregnant shortly after her last pregnancy & Franklin is crossing his fingers for a boy.
Cute Sammy turns into a toddler.
The couple argues before work one morning.

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