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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 4, 2011

Hsu (2) - Round Thirteen

Franklin Hsu (Pleasure, Culinary), Monica (Pleasure, Culinary)

Franklin practiced piano late into the night as Monica practiced her speech.

They had married in a hurry & enjoyed a passionate relationship.

It was no wonder that Monica wound up pregnant quickly.

Franklin primps.

Monica heads to work, sure that she'll get a promotion.

Upon arriving home (with a promotion), she goes into labor.  She really shouldn't have spent all morning on her feet!

Now Franklin & Monica work together.

And that's where the problem began. They saw too much of each other that they started to get bored.  "Are you check that damn mirror, again?" Monica accused.

"So, watching anything good?" Franklin asked.

Little Mandy was often left with a babysitter as her parents worked.

"Monica says I check myself out a lot, but I really don't," Franklin insisted.

Monica throws Mandy a birthday party & invites some old friends.  (Notice how enthralled Franklin is with Lianna)

Mandy grows up well.
Another cute little blonde girl!  I guess the blonde came from Daniel, her grandpa!

Why am I not surprised that Lianna led Franklin into a room to be alone....

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