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Mar 5, 2011

Hsu (3) - Round Thirteen

Trevor Hsu (Knowledge, Intelligence)

Trevor likes his place clean. Squeaky clean.  (I think is what is known as an effort in futility.)

Trevor gets along with his coworker Reggie Pratt.  Reggie hints that Tanya's never gotten over him.

So Trevor invites her over & rekindles their romance.

For some reason Nate Hsu is upset that his brother is dating Tanya.

They have a pretty good foundation for love.

Two promotions in one night - rock on Trevor! Chance card promotion + pulling strings!

Trevor proposed to Tanya at a small party he threw in her honor.  (See Marcus coyly waving in the background? Cute!)

The guests headed over to the chapel for the wedding.

Phebe was so proud of her son (3 down & 3 to go!)

After the ceremonies, Trevor was momentarily distracted by Lianna.  (Dang it Lianna! You're turning into a homewrecker!)

The guests all enjoyed cake.  See how Lianna angled a spot next to the groom?

Tanya is happily pregnant with their family's first baby!

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