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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 12, 2011

Hsu - Round 14

Phebe wanted to make love. Bad.  So, she called up someone she knew that could deliver.  (Can anyone guess who it is?)
Soon after Grimmie comes to take her away. (Darn it! She was so close to reaching top of the music careers.  All those meltdowns were bad on her nerves, I guess...)
The teens are rocked by the news.
Marie starts acting easy.
Homework is avoided.
Nothing gets fixed.
Nothing gets cleaned.
Until Jeanie starts taking care of anything.
She often skips school now, spending as much time outside with her dogs as possible.
Then the hauntings began...
Finally, Jeanie grew up.
And Marie grew up (oh yeah. those flower pajamas are hardcore!)
The sisters relationship never recovered from their fight over some highschool boy.  But, they attempt to mend the rift.
But Jeanie decides it's time for her to go.
Nate invites Kaitlyn over to study, but ends up cuddling on the couch.
This is how the house was meant to be played! Marie hired a contractor & had it restored to it's former brillance.

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