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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 4, 2011

Hsu - Round Thirteen

Daniel (Family, Education), Phebe (Family, Marry 6 Children), Franklin (Pleasure, Culinary), Destiny (Romance, Athletic), Trevor (Knowledge, Intelligence), Jeanie (Popularity, 20 Pet BF), Marie (Pleasure, Culinary), Nate

Destiny was still looking for love & potential male friends...

Jeanie hit it off with Dustin Owens.

Destiny stopped in her tracks the day Joel Centowski walked by her house. She couldn't wait to get to know him better... if only she could get rid of her date, Magnus.

Daniel becomes an elder.

Destiny flirts with Joel and leads him on.

I guess she didn't lead him on too bad...

Soon, she was waking up feeling sick.

Phebe called a gardener to come take care of the place before Nate's birthday part.  Really guys? I don't think you need 3 guys to take care of the few bushes...

Destiny finds herself pregnant (notice Magnus as her coworker in the background?)

Daniel yells at her that he didn't raise her to have a baby out of wedlock and demands to know who the father is.


17 Gardener Spawns Crashed the Party!

Destiny makes her way through the crowd to talk to Magnus.

Nate grows up quickly.

Destiny flirts with Magnus in hopes of getting a promotion.

Marie hits the top of the teen culinary career. 

Magnus & Destiny try to get a little privacy & kept shooing gardeners out of the room as they walked in to use the restroom.

So how many gardeners can fit in a bathroom?  Come on... Squeeze in there guys! More can fit!

Finally the clone gardeners leave.  Phebe looked at Daniel and asked "Did you invite them?" He shook his head "No, I thought you did..."

Destiny gives herself a pep talk before calling Joel.

"Hi... umm... I have something I need to talk to you about..."

But Daniel gets to Joel first.
After being threatened with the wrong end of a sawed off shot gun, Joel got down on one knee & proposed.
They were married without ceremony & Joel helped her pack up & get the heck out of there.  He didn't trust her daddy...

Phebe had another psychotic break after selling a painting that didn't earn a lot of money. 

Trevor grows up well, well.... if you don't count the fugly outfit...

He wastes no time moving out on his own, as well.

Jeanie adopts Fernando from the pound after some guy dropped him off after moving.  "Who could get rid of you? You're such a cutie!" Jeanie told him.

Marie practiced her music.
Nate practiced his painting.

And they irritated each other every chance they got.

Jeanie chats up Kenneth Turner while Nate chats up Bethany Owens.  I love how Tasha looks like she's repelled by Benjamin's dancing!
The party ends poorly & Grimmy comes to steal Daniel from the family. "Wait! I'm making dinner," Daniel cries.

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