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Mar 11, 2011

Owens - Round 14

Ian (Knowledge, Architecture/Oceanography/Max 7 Skills), Brenda (Popularity, 5 Top Businesses), Bethany (Knowledge, Oceanography), Christine (Wealth, Law), & Dustin (Family, Education)
Ian uses a little umph to get his last charisma skill...
Dustin has watched all of his friends hook up & gets tired of being alone.
NaeNae the newspaper deliverer is hot stuff (Oh that I could age her with him!)
Bethany grows up during a happening party.
Ian doesn't seem to grasp that his little girl is almost an adult now...
Bethany tries to befriend Leo, her coworker.  But, they don't have anything in common.
In fact, he doesn't seem to get a long with anyone!
Last family dinner...
I was starting to worry about who Bethany was going to marry when Derrick walked over and hugged her romantically.  Pink & red hearts fluttered through the air. Eh! Problem solved!
So then we moved on to purple hearts. :)
Bethany studied physiology to make it easier to get all those boring charisma points.
Christine made out with Kenneth Turner.
Happy Birthday Twins!
Dustin grows up looking very poetic & hot.  (Is that shirt appropriate for a high school teacher?)
And Christine grows up.  She likes to show a little skin, too.  (Brenda looks ready to whoop Leo again.)
Goodbye Ian! I'll miss you!
Looks like nobody in the family gets a long with Leo...

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