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Mar 11, 2011

Nichols - Round 14

Quentin (Wealth, Dance/Adventure), Amelia (Popularity, 20 BF/Politics), Arianna, Kaitlyn, Gabriella & Mark
Ameila cuddles with Mark after he becomes a toddler.
You would think all that love and attention Arianna received as a child would've made her a kinder person, but it turns out she's pretty selfish.  (Romance, 20 Loves)
Amelia makes 20 Best Friends
And uses the Happy Helmet Want Reroller to get her new lifetime wish - Politics!
Arianna visits her mom's closet and finds some new trendy clothes.
Kaitlyn grows up feeling a desperate need for people to like her (Popularity, 20 BF)
Quentin & Amelia can't get enough of each other.
Time for Mark's birthday! Family & friends gather around the cake.
Cute little boy!
Amelia grabs a few adults and goes outside for a waterballoon fight.
Kaitlyn! You started a fire!
Mark had fun playing with Gabriella.
Gabriella tried to impress her crush, Nate Hsu.
Then settled on Terrance Turner.
Unfortunately, Arianna set her sights on Terrance, as well.
Kaitlyn was upset with Terrance, but she was even more hurt by her cousin Arianna.  "You knew I liked him!" Kaitlyn accused Arianna.
So Arianna chased after another boy.
Gabriella grows up. She remind me the most of Amelia!
It was her school friend's Kenneth's birthday, too.
Quentin mistepped at work and was demoted.
But still managed to grow up well!
He was extremely upset to see Arianna making out with Terrance Turner.  "You're grounded!" he yelled. "No boys!"

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