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Mar 4, 2011

Nichols - Round Thirteen

Quentin Nichols (Wealth, Dance/Adventure), Amelia (Popularity, 20 BFs), Lianna Benson (Romance, Culinary), Shane Benson (Romance, Music), Arianna, & Kaitlyn

Surprising everyone, Lianna announced she & Shane didn't want to raise Kaitlyn.

Amelia stroked Kaitlyn's head as she worried how she would handle two babies & another on the way.

Amelia always seemed to feed Arianna first or played with her more.

In fact, when Kaitlyn became a toddler, Amelia seemed to hold her at arm's length a little more...

She knew Arianna was going to be a beauty.

The girls loved each other fiercely.

Soon Gabriella was born.

Quentin & Amelia had a 2 bolt love.

Gabriella becomes a toddler.

Arianna becomes a child.

Kaitlyn becomes a child & begins to notice that Amelia favors Arianna.

As a result, their friendship suffers & the two aren't as close as they used to be.

This maid likes to kick over trash cans. Maybe she's unhappy with her life...

Arianna starts spending more time with little Gabby instead of listening to Kaitlyn complain about anything and everything.

Amelia helps Arianna study.

Amelia wonders how they'll support another baby.

Gabby watches the two girls playing house.  "You can play when you're older," Kaitlyn said snidely.

"No! I want to play now!" Gabby exclaimed!

Shane reaches the top of the dance field and suddenly has a burning desire to do something more adventurous.

Like reading little Gabby to sleep.

The girls rush in excitedly when Amelia goes into labor..

Little Mark is born.

And Quentin begins his new job.

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