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Mar 28, 2011

Owens (3) - Round 15

Patrick (Romance, 20 WooHoos) & Demi Lawson (Family, Golden Anniversary)

Patrick smooth talked Ratna..

and was soon able to convince her to be his #20 Woo Hoo.  Deciding it was time to settle down & plant roots, he threw a party to see who his wife should be.

After scoping the room, Patrick got down on one knee & proposed to Demi. (I love the look on Willow's face..)

(And Edith looks a little upset on the couch..)

Demi quickly exchanged rings with Patrick before he could change his mind.

And made sure all the ladies knew he was HER man.

Line up ladies... everyone gets a slap... (By the way, I love how after the ladies slap him, they immediately swoon over him...)
Edith opted to take it out on Demi...
Demi wakes up late at night & heard hushed tones from another room.  She was startled to discover Patrick alone in the room with Aliyah.
"Patrick, this isn't going to cut it. No more being alone with girls. We're married now!" Demi yelled.  "Whatever, I'm going to bed," Patrick said. "Are you coming?"  But Demi was too mad. She slept in the spare bed.

And never saw Patrick again.  He must've been scared to death by a ghost.
It broke Demi's heart that the last words she said to her husband were in anger.  What kind of wife was she? she wondered.  She didn't even realize that soon she would be a mother.
Baby boy Pat.
Baby boy Rick.  (Get it - Pat Rick - named after their Daddy. Awwww...)

This is a common sight outside Demi's house.  She doesn't even clean it up anymore since someone immediately comes by and kicks it over again.  She just calls the exterminator daily & waits for the maid to come clean up.

I have verification that poor Patrick was scared to death.  I wonder if it was his father, tired of the catting around Patrick was doing.  Too bad, he was about to settle down & be a good husband & father.

Demi seeks solance in another man's arms.

Shane Benson came by with his wife a few days earlier to offer their condolences.  Shane came back for a one-on-one session.

And Pat & Rick become toddlers....

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