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Prosperity Peeps

Mar 4, 2011

Owens (3) - Round Thirteen

Patrick Owens (Romance, 20 Woo Hoo)

Carter makes a surprise visit on Patrick's date.

Gwennie grows up looking the most like a shepherd.

Arthur & Lancie both look like golden retrievers with a black back. Disappointed!

Patrick makes the moves on Tanya Pratt.

And smooth talks Aiyanna.

Carter tries to scare some sense into Patrick.

Patrick decides he needs a new place. (the little yellow house became too glitched, I couldn't move objects right anymore!)  He put the graves in the back right part of the yard.

I love the layout of this place!

Patrick had brought a lot of his furniture from the prior house, but decided to get rid of it all since this place rocked!

Hey... what were you two doing in the closet?

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