Prosperity Peeps

Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 11, 2011

Owens (4) - Round 14

Everett (Family, 6 Grandchildren), Elise (Family, 6 Grandchildren), & Harrison
Elise is pregnant again.
Wait a minute... that is not a Harrison - that's a HARIETTE! Oops!
Quick trip to the DMV & her name has been changed to Hariette.  Poor girl... I hope there are no lasting repercussions from her parents calling her a boy all this time...
Elise buries the hatchet with Gage & gives him a gift. I wonder what it could be?!
Twins! Vanessa & Perry are born!
Everett maxes the body skill.
An untimely promotion has dire consequences...
"I'm sooo hungry... can't... reach... omelettes..."
"Please," Elise begged, "He just got home from work! He was supposed to eat there! I can't raise twins without him!"
Sweet Harriette grows up, never knowing how close her father came to dying.
Happy birthday twins.
And Perry!
Would you guys stop tossing the football & take care of your daughter.. Geez!  I thought you guys were Family Sims!
Just another shot of cutie Harriette.

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