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Mar 4, 2011

Owens (5) - Round Thirteen

Lamar Turner (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates/Culinary), Gracie (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates, Gamer), Terrance & Candice

Candice grows up well. Look at those eyes! (Family, Education)
Terrance grows up well, too.  (Trying to decide if I should get rid of the dorky haircut)  (Pleasure, 50 1st Dates)

The kids were so used to their parents fighting, they didn't know how to handle it when they resolved their problem.

Christine was head over heels for this guy in her class.

Phebe Hsu is still having problems....  She likes to have mental breakdowns in front of people's houses....

Wow... Don't invite crazies into your house Lamar...  I have no clue why she's slapping him...

Christine also has a thing for Benjamin & shows him how much she likes him by giving him a goodnight kiss.

Terrance, on the other hand, is having horrible luck with the girls...

He tries so hard to get to know them, but they won't give him the time of day....

Who knew you couldn't offer little kids orange wedges?

I thought this was funny.  Gracie was mooning over Lamar & Mitch was mooning over Gracie.

Doh! Lamar! What'd you do that for?  You've ruined a great promoting-buddy.

Mitch slapped Gracie for cheating on him with her... husband...

It didn't slow Gracie & Lamar down though.  It was that show of love that Lamar was waiting for from Gracie!

Candice gets guys wrapped around her fingers left & right...
Terrance's losing streak with the girls continues, though.

"Umm... no..." Jeanie says.

Candice schmoozes her school teacher in hopes of getting good grades...

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