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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 28, 2011

Owens - Round 15

Brenda Owens (Popularity, 5 Top Businesses), Dustin (Family, Education), Christine (Wealth, Law)

Dustin called up the matchmaker to help him find his true love.  He was introduced to Kana Hsu (really - Hsu - AGAIN?!)

Christine asked Ronan the headmaster out on a date & immediately rolled a want to fall in love with Kenneth Turner.  She quickly excused herself and called up Kenneth.

It seems like Dustin found true love.

And Christine swept Kenneth off his feet.

They quickly moved out together to start their own life.

Dustin proposed to Kana and made vows to each other.

Generation 4 should be right around the corner!  Kana wants 6 grandchildren...

Kana lectures Dustin after he broke the shower...

Ian likes to walk around the house & clean during the night.

And try to convince his wife to join him on the other side...

Thanks for cleaning that toilet for me, Ian.

Kana learns physiology as she attempts to reach the top of the medical career.

Simon came over for a party & had a break down after lightening struck the tree.  It gave him a flashback to his round where his house almost burnt down.

Brenda gets mean after Ian passed away. She's always picking fights now. 

Dustin & Kana attempt generation 4 again.

"Don't worry, children will come when they're meant to," Dustin reassured Kana.

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