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Mar 4, 2011

Owens - Round Thirteen

Ian Owens (Knowledge, Architecture/Oceanography), Brenda (Popularity, 5 Top Businesses), Bethany (Knowledge, Oceanography), Christine, & Dustine

The teens throws a huge birthday bash.

Christine grows up (Wealth, Law)

Dustin grows up (Family, Education)

Christine tries to make dinner...  someone call 911...

Ian reaches the top of the oceanography field & suddenly has a burning desire to max 7 skills before he dies.

Family dinner time.

Bethany reaches the top of her teen oceanography field.  She's following in her daddy's footsteps.

Christine joins the politics field & befriends Emily Boggs.

The teens are conscientious about completing their homework.

Ian maxes the cleaning skill with the help of the light bulb helmet.  Since he's perma-plat, he doesn't have to worry about getting brain fried.

Christine has a crush on Kenneth Turner.  She hopes he likes her back!

Bethany becomes an elder & feels so proud of her family!

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