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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 4, 2011

Pratts (2) - Round Thirteen

Sheila Pratt (Wealth, Law), Tanya (Knowledge, Gamer), Monica Pratt (Pleasure, Culinary), Reggie (Fortune, Intelligence), Derrick (Family, Golden Anniversary)

Family enjoys a relaxed breakfast.

Sheila attempts to make some new friends in her old age.

Renaud had so much fun, he dropped off a vase.

Reggie becomes an adult.

He was attracted to DeeDee Turner, but was cruelly turned down.

Sheila's mind must be going, she forgot to pull the food out of the oven!

Darn chance card demotions!

Derrick invites over a few households to get to know some new teens.

He was very attracted to Bethany.

She apparently told him that her sister bugged her, because he went to defend Bethany's honor in the form of a noogie.

Derrick grows up well.

He befriends a nice lady that has a habit of wearing black & white.

Sheila woke up Monday morning and passed away.

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