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Mar 4, 2011

Pratts - Round Thirteen

Bryan Pratt (Knowledge, Architecture/Entertainment/Adventure), Christopher (Knowledge, Criminal), Kerie (Knowledge, Gamer), Jesse, Felicia

Great. Now I have to work him back up to the top! Blah!

Jesse teaches Felicia nursery rhymes.

She grows up cute as a button!

Bryan was demoted again.  Bad week at the Pratt household!

The family tries to befriend Renaud, their mother's ex-husband.  It was hard seeing him with a pregnant Caterina, though.

Kerie & Christopher have true love.

Jesse gets an A+ at school.

The kids in the neighborhood play waterballoons.

Bryan works hard & reaches the top of the adventure career, his 3rd career topping move!

He decides it's time to retire on work on an impossible want of maxing all his skills.

With a little bit of distraction...  Caterina had made a pass at him the other night at the party & he'd decided he'd earned some fun before he died...

Jesse becomes a teen and shares a kiss with Marie Hsu.

Then reads a story to Felicia.
 "Aw, how cute! He's a Family Sim, right?" you ask.
"Nope," MeganPagan replies bitterly, looking mildly disgusted.  "He's a Romance Sim and wants to WooHoo with 20 Sims." 

Christopher reaches the top of his criminal career.

Kerie still loves Christopher, even after his hair turns gray.

Felicia rocks out as a teenager.  Amazingly, she's a Popularity Sim that wants to major in music.

Bryan gains his last cleaning skill & has maxed all his skills!  Just in time to go take a nap!

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