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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 11, 2011

Romanos - Round 14

Nina Romano Graham (Knowledge, Architecture/Criminal/Max 7 Skills), Bella Romano (Pleasure, Slacker), Emilio Romano (Knowledge, Entertainment), & Amin Graham (Romance, Music)
The matchmaker matched Bella with Sheldon.  This could work!
Emilio brought his coworker home & asked her out on a date, too.  Double dating! How cute!
Nina works on maxing her that last mechanical skill for her promotion.
Derrick Pratt surprises Isabella by sweeping her off her feet.
And whisking her away to a new home.
Emilio asks Edith if she wants to go on a date.  (I love the look on Amin's face in the background... "Don't do it, man."  *cough* *cough*)
The next night he gets to know Ericka better.
Awkward!  Shut the door Amin! Quick!
Nina reaches the top of the criminal field & feels like it's time to retire.
A quick phone call later...
Amin was romancing Shelly Tomyoy when Great Grandma Isabella spooked him.  (Isabella must not like hanky panky going on in her house!)

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