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Mar 28, 2011

Romanos - Round 15

Nina Romano (Knowledge, Architecture/Criminal), Emilio (Knowledge, Entertainment), & Amin (Romance, Music)

Emilio couldn't wait any longer to marry his sweetheart, Shelly Tomyoy.

He threw a wedding party & made her officially his.

I just liked how the snowman was smirking on their wedding night...  Everyone's a critic...

Amin got to know Catalina better.

Great Grandma Isabella made a surprise visit.  "But Great Grandma Isabella! We're married!"

Nina maxed all 7 skills & fulfilled an impossible want.

"What the? What are you doing here?" Emilio asked before he saw his wife's prone form lying on the floor...

"Please... don't take Shelly!"

Shelly calls Emilio to the room to express her... gratitude... for saving her...

Bad Gina Maria! Don't kill my pregnant Sim!

The ghosts are all out tonight...

Shelly wakes up early & makes pancakes. She's been craving blueberry pancakes.

"Wait! I just made lobster thermidor! I'm not ready to go yet!" Nina wailed.


Welcome to the world little Rose & little sister Fiona.

"Oh good God! Stop scaring me!"


Amin made a move on Molly and got caught by a very pissed off Arianna.

So, Amin begins a fun game of water balloons to get everyone talking again.

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