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Mar 4, 2011

Rossi - Round Thirteen

Renaud Rossi (Popularity, 20 BF), Caterina (Romance, 20 Lovers)
Caterina delivers baby Pierre in the cramped bathroom.  Caterina! Watch his neck. Man... you're going to be a bad mom, aren't you?

Renaud works his charm and befriends Christopher Pratt.

Then manages to make Phebe Hsu smile (which we all know is well needed!)

Meanwhile, Caterina smooth talks Zeeshan.

Oh no! Pregnant again!

And caught!  Renaud slaps Caterina silly for messing around.

Soon it's time for Pierre's birthday party.

And Zeeshan went for... right in front of everyone!

Christian the mail man slaps Caterina first.

Followed shortly by Patrick Owens.  Man, all this slapping cannot be good for the babies...

Caterina offers Patrick some money to quit slapping her, then smooth talks her way back into his graces.
Renaud calls up a few old friends and makes them besties.  He has reached his LTW!

And out comes the Happy Helmet Want Reroller from crumplebottom_marky4444 @ MTS.  Renaud now dreams of having 20 Pet BFs.  Right. We all know that's not going to happen.

Caterina is tired of Renaud giving her the cold shoulder.  "Here.. I picked you a rose. Get over it," she told him. "Would you give me a foot rub? This baby is sitting on my spleen..."

Poor Pierre.  Too much drama the prior night & he never grew up, not even after the cake.  But, he was ready to grow up this morning!

Caterina saw a guy walking by & invited him in. 

She invited Christian over to make it up to him & went into labor.

Baby Chantal and

Baby Aimee were born.  TWINS! Heaven help the Rossis'...

A fight breaks out between Patrick and Charles Banks.  I think Charles is defending Renaud's honor since he saw Caterina fooling around.

Caterina invites her brother over & gives him a present.  "For being such a great little brother," she said.

I KNEW she'd be a bad mom!  She came across Pierre passed out on the floor and started laughing! That's your son, Caterina!

For good measure, Caterina gives Renaud another rose.  She needs him not to get suspicious...

Despite Christian's misgivings about whether Caterina will cheat on him again, the two fall in love thereby giving her 20 simultaneous lovers.
She quickly throws a big party & dons the Happy Helmet Want Reroller.  She now wants to reach the top of the music field.  (She's disgusted by the dirty diaper her son has.. Then change it Caterina! Geez!)

Caterina searches the classifieds for jobs and finds a music job right away.

Renaud becomes best friends with his daughter Chantal.

Dave Owens catches Caterina flirting with her new coworker.

Later, she walks into the bathroom and finds Renaud passed out on the floor & simply shakes her head.

Perhaps she should've been a little more concerned...  

Renaud drops dead in front of her...

Caterina drops to her knees & pleads with Grimmie to spare her husband. "He only needs a few more best friends to reach the impossible want.  He has LIVES to touch! Please spare him"

I guess I would think someone that saved me from death would be pretty hot, too.

Renaud cuddles with Aimee and becomes her best friend, as well.

Aimee grows up a little beauty.

As does Chantal.

And apparently Pierre grew up when he woke up, because a strange child walked out the door to get on a schoolbus and was very upset to catch Caterina kissing another man...

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