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Prosperity Peeps

Mar 12, 2011

Tomyoy (2) - Round 14

Gage (Romance, Slacker), DeeDee Turner (Romance, Slacker)
DeeDee wasn't feeling too hot in the mornings.
Gage & Owens are a mutual fan club.
Roommates with benefits.
Gage reaches the top of the slacker career & decides to woohoo with 20 Sims.
"Gage... we have to talk," DeeDee said as Gage got out of bed.
"I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby... soon..."   Gage broke down and cried like a baby.
"What do you mean you're pregnant? What are we supposed to do with a kid?!" Gage demanded.  The battle raged on - back & forth for over an hour.
Finally resulting in a quickie wedding...
That neither of them were very happy about.
They still couldn't get enough of each other, though.
But, DeeDee's pregnancy turned Gage off.   He smooth talked Hannah.
Baby Mimi was born.
DeeDee knew Gage slept around, so she decided the best way to fight fire was with fire.
Lots of fire.
Burning hot volcano fire...
Gage, however, was oblivious to DeeDee's sneaking around.
DeeDee smirked throughout dinner while she dropped subtle hints that she knew what Gage was up to.  Gage kept clearing his throat uncomfortably.   "I think I need to go get some meds from upstairs," Gage said as he pushed away from the table.  "I'll help!" Aiyana scrambled to follow him.
Gage strutted back out of the closet, feeling manly.
He couldn't help it that all the ladies loved a man with a baby.  "You're such a great dad," Katie gushed over Gage.
DeeDee knew that Hannah was a Family type & tried to casually warn her about getting too close to Gage.  "Oh no! Gosh no! I wouldn't! I mean, you guys are married!" Hannah protested.
So, DeeDee just led Curtis back to her room.
Now that DeeDee was back to her normal figure, Gage couldn't keep his hands off her.
But, he found that he was addicted to all the other attention he received.
Poor MiMi spends most of her time with her nanny.  Her parents are too busy flirting & throwing parties.

Apparently clothing was optional for this rendezvous.  Only DeeDee was wearing a swimsuit...
Gage tipped the new maid handsomely.  "There's more where that came from," he hinted.
DeeDee waited up for Gage to remind him why he married her.

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