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Mar 4, 2011

Tomyoy (2) - Round Thirteen

Gage Tomyoy (Romance, Slacker)
Gage walks into his new home (couldn't load his other house & lost the graves for the time being) & thinks it is party central.

He smooches Willow,

flirts with the maid,

smooth talks Emmy,

and entertains poolside.  He loves how many hot babes come to his parties.

"Yeah, I know I'm gorgeous," he tells his reflection.  (I love how he's ignoring DeeDee...)

Women regularly swooned over him.

And it wasn't too hard to talk them into fooling around in the closet...
He wanted a roommate, though. Someone hot that wouldn't cramp his style.
He asked Tanya Pratt what she wanted & she replied that she'd love to give him a backrub.

He asked DeeDee what she wanted & she told him she'd love to make out with 5 different guys.

Decision made!  DeeDee moved in & they immediately jumped in bed together.
DeeDee laughed to herself  how gullible Gage had been.  Guys were so easy!  She couldn't wait to start entertaining her own guests!

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