Prosperity Peeps

Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 11, 2011

Turners - Round 14

Michael (Popularity, Athletic/20 BF), Jenna (Knowledge, Journalism/Max Skills), Tasha (Romance, Culinary), Jerome (Pleasure, Culinary)
Ethel works the kinks out of Jerome's back. 
Jenna becomes an elder.
Jenna's coworker Hannah leaves her a large palm. (Why does everyone leave those now?!)
Jenna reaches the top of her career and realizes she wants to know everything about everything.
In order to devote more time to studying, she retires.
Tasha grows up. (I think I'm going to change her hair...)
Jerome reaches top of teen culinary career.
Tasha gets to know Korey Collins, a hot new musician.

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