Prosperity Peeps

Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Mar 4, 2011

Turners - Round Thirteen

Michael (Popularity, Athletic/20 BF), Jenna (Knowledge, Journalism), Tasha, & Jerome

Michael enjoys breakfast with his two kiddos.

Jenna tucked little Tasha in.

Jerome can't play the piano.  "Stop it!" Jenna yelled over the racket.

Tasha becomes a teen. (Romance, Culinary)

After fixing her hair, Tasha invites some friends over to hang out.  She & Amin Graham make small talk.

Lydia Owens drops off a vase after a great outing with Michael.

1 Bolt Love.  They make it work because they're committed.

Tasha hits on Thomas Fairchild.

Titon is the last of their pets to go.

Michael becomes an elder

and immediately retires.

Jerome becomes a teen (Pleasure, Culinary) (not pictured: Jerome had his hair down and put in cornrows)

More water ballon fun while all the kids meet.

No flirting with extended family...

He-Man got the last laugh after scaring Felicia.

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