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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Apr 21, 2011

Allbee - Round 16

Janeenee (Pleasure, Culinary/50 Dream Dates), Geoffrey (Popularity, Law/Culinary/20 Pet BF), Guy (Pleasure, 50 Dream Dates), & Lee (Romance, Music)

Guy tried to milk out a few more Dream Dates before he became an adult.

In the middle of his date with Aimee, he realized that he'd loved Sunny all along.

It wasn't easy, not being a Romance Sim that could Smooth Talk, but Guy finally managed to convince her that he loved her & wanted to be with her.

To prove his love, he even asked her to go steady with him. (And after that, she kept ditching the dates before he reached Dream status because she was in a bad mood. Geez!)

Janeenee finally reached the top of the culinary career. (Took you long enough!)

Lee followed in his brother's footsteps & started to go girl crazy.
All the girls loved the fact that he said he was lead singer in a band... He just didn't tell them his band was his radio...
Lee had always thought Sunny was stuck up, so he loved annoying her.  "Say uncle," he teased.
Guy became an adult.
The matchmaker introduced Guy to Sadie.  He loved Sunny, but she was jail bait for now.
Janeenee looked at the glass, "What do you put in this thing? Do I detect a hint of amaretto?"
And apparently a delivery man died on the lot last Round.  I'd noticed the grave at the beginning of the round & was curious.  No clue how he died & his color isn't helping figure out!.  Maybe he tripped over a stone?

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