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Apr 15, 2011

Banks - Round 16

Charles (Family, Golden Anniv.), Julie (Wealth, Intelligence), Virginia & William

Julie adopts local stray Bruno. He's just too cute!

And thus the Haunting began.  I'm surprised this didn't kill Julie because her hunger & energy were waaaaay low. 

Henry scared the crap out of  Virginia three times in a row this night.

Great! Way to cook when you're exhausted Virginia! I didn't get a pic of the aftermath, but it spread to the couch, & all the cabinets.  Julie got a new kitchen mail ordered that day!

Welcome to the world little Gregory. Now shhhhh... don't cry... Mommy needs a nap...

Ah, what a tranquil night...

Meet Virginia (Wealth, 5 Top Businesses)

Julie reached the top of Intelligence career & is ready to move on to Architecture.

Gregory becomes a child!  (Oh come on wasn't that cold in the spa...)


And again.  Like I said, it's the Haunting now.

"I was going to EAT that sandwhich Bruno! Bad dog!"

William becomes a teenager, too.

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