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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Apr 15, 2011

Boggs - Round 16

Sadie Boggs (Wealth, Have 6 Grandchildren), Benjamin (Knowledge, Architecture), Krystal  (Knowledge, Max Skills), Emily Kwa (Popularity, Law), Alon Kwa (Popularity, Police), Dora & Roxy Boggs

The family saved up enough money to live in style.

Roxy grows up!

The boys retire to the salon after dinner for a game of cards.

Happy birthday Dora!

Grandma Sadie! Behave yourself! What did Terrance ever do to you?!

Krystal & Benjamin have hopes of having a large, loving family.

Welcome to the world little Francis Kwa!

Get a room, guys!

"Wait! I just got an important phone call... Can I just.. take it? No?"

Life moves on without Sadie & Benjamin tries to teach Roxy all her important toddler skills.

Family breakfast. (Love how they all came down in their undies. Geesh! Invest in some robes, guys!

Happy birthday little Francis! Don't worry, your hair will grow!

Oh come on Repo Man! Did you seriously have to take the banquet table? I really liked that there!

Roxy becomes a child. Wow. She is rocking the evil look!

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