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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Apr 21, 2011

Centowski - Round 16

Joseph makes great grades.

And grows up well. (Romance, Culinary)

He throws a party to meet some eligible chicks.

First romance is Faith Owens.

He befriends Aaron Hsu.  (I love the bubbles since he'd just finished cleaning!)

A townie falls prey to his advances, too.

Amaya giggles as he plays with her.

Hope becomes a teen (Pleasure, Gamer)

Joel had a hard day at work & waves the social bunny out of the room so that Destiny can make him feel better.

Hope gets her first kiss from James Owens.

Destiny Smooth Talks Komei & her husband unexpectantly comes home after a Chance Card promotion.  *holds breath*  But, he simply walks to work & doesn't notice Destiny's flirting.

Aww... Destiny takes some time to read to Sara.

Aww.. darn cops.  (I love how all the teens shoulders are hunched as they trudge away...)

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