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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Apr 21, 2011

Collins - Round 16

Korey (Romance, Music), Hannah (Popularity, Journalism/20 Pet BF), Dirk (Wealth, Criminal), Elizabeth (Knowledge, Max 7 Skills), & Scott

The house was so empty that Hannah decided to adopt a dog.  She found the cutest little Scotty Dog & named him "Scotty" because she's original.

He immediately started causing trouble.

Hannah stalked over to Korey, "I thought I could trust you!" she accused.

"You're never going to change!"

Despite her love for him, she knew she couldn't take it anymore.

"Dad, please don't let Mom leave!" Scott begged.

Korey called Hannah away from the computer where she was looking up apartments...

"Please forgive me. This time I mean it, I'm a changed man," he promised.

The next morning, Hannah attempted to fix the computer & was electrocuted.

Korey chatted with Angie about getting older. 

Little Elizabeth rakes the leaves.

Dirk grows up.

Scott becomes a teen (Family, Police)

Poor little Scotty, I don't even know what happened...

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