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Prosperity Peeps
Prosperity Peeps

Apr 21, 2011

Hsu (2) - Round 16

Franklin (Pleasure, Culinary), Monica (Pleasure, Culinary), Mandy (Wealth, Dance), Sammy & Aaron

Even though she fell asleep in the middle of her interview, Mandy managed to get into private school.

Scott was so worried when he found her passed out in the kitchen.

Monica delivered a beautiful little girl.

On her first day at work, Mandy reached the top of the dance career.  "What? Is that all there is?" she asked...

Mandy loved to throw roof-raiser parties.

And she thinks she loves the newspaper guy.  Apparently Dirk Collins doesn't approve.

Sammy grows up. Too cute!

Sammy & William Banks argue all the time.

Aaron becomes a teen, too.  Spitting image of his dad!

Franklin reaches top of career

And so does Monica

Baby Girl becomes a toddler. (Yeah, that's right.. I don't remember her name & forgot to write it down... *sighs*)

Look at how serious Aaron looks...  Franklin starts studying the mechanical skill because he wants to be a Gamer.

Monica becomes an elder.  She wants to go on 50 1st Dates, but despite the fact that she fooled around a little when they were first married, she remains devoted to Franklin.

A Teen Roof-Raising Party

Aaron is quite attracted to Elizabeth Collins.

Mandy finally works up the nerve to kiss the newspaper boy.

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