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Apr 21, 2011

Hsu (4) - Round 16

Jeanie Hsu (Popularity, 20 Pet BF)

Jeanie knew she loved Wesley when she saw how well he got along with her pack.

"Umm... you look beautiful with all the makeup, but you don't need to wear it for me... I like you just the way you are," Wesley admitted.

So, Jeanie washed the make up off.

In time, Wesley proposed to her & she accepted.

Since he had to go out of town on an entertainment gig, Jeanie spent the remainder of the week playing with her dogs.

She was determined to make 20 pet BF's before she got married.

Then one night, something strange happened...  "Ouch!"


Jeanie dreamed that she hobbled around the property playing with wolves and howling at the moon.

"What a weird dream," she thought when she woke up, alarmed because she was standing outside...

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  1. Yipes! Well, that LTW is about to get easier. I hope Jeanie wanted to walk down this road though!


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